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My verdict? Congratulations, you have made it to the final act of this Disco 15 review. It has an hourglass shape that’s wide across the shoulders and feet so you can turn around inside the back without feeling encumbered. Rocksolid Guarantee Shop with confidence. This is a sign of the design tradeoff between more space and warmth retention; a bag without room to move has no such zones but is more confining. KEEN-FOOTWEAR: Take 20% off your next order over $100 Coupon Code: "20PercentKEEN2020" Thru 12/31. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ever woken up at 3 AM with cold, wet feet because the footbox of the sleeping bag was touching the inside of the tent and absorbed condensation? The Nemo Disco 15 costs $300 and comes with a compression stuff stack and a cotton storage bag. Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty. NEMO Disco Mens 15 $ 299.95 - $319.95 USD MSRP Product Information NEMO Disco Men's down bag is updated with new contours to continue its reign as the ideal down backpacking bag for side sleepers. Since its founding, Nemo has been on the cutting edge of gear design. And i have a Nemo Sonic Zero (0º) for colder conditions. Nemo 2020 Womens Riff 15 Down Sleeping Bag -9°C Comfort Limit (EN13537:2012), 825g of 800 Fill Power Hydrophobic Down . This post is all you need for the answer. Anything I didn’t answer? Press to open modal with high resolution version of current image. It was most noticeable when I pointed my knees in the opposite direction while turning from one side to the other. In summary, if extra 2-4 ounces and an inch longer packed size aren't huge concerns for you, Disco 15 (or Rave 15 for women) will work perfectly fine! When you get two or more people sleeping inside a tent, condensation is bound to build up to a degree and damp sleeping bags are just a reality some mornings. That said, the Disco 15 will keep you plenty warm during the cold start to your thru-hike without weighing you down to an unacceptable level in the process. I kept three Fujifilm X series batteries inside my Disco 15 during my test run and they all were 100% good to go in the morning as I knocked small flecks of ice from the rainfly of my tent. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0772287ec96daac3322a2b14fc642c1" );document.getElementById("je705695a8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. In general, the higher the fill count and lighter the weight, the more expensive a sleeping bag is going to be. No longer Nikwax hydrophobic down. For backpackers, another necessary consideration is weight. As most everyone who likes this bag mentions, the extra room for active sleepers is the ticket. Being that sleeping bags are one of the most crucial elements of any adventure gear kit, you want to go with something that will help you achieve the highest level of comfort for your own body. Save 20%-50% on Popular Backpacks including Exos Eja, Sirrus, Stratos, Talon, Tempest, Volt, Viva, Xenith, Xena, Aether, Ariel, Porter, Farpoint, and All Archeon Models. The Nemo Disco 15 does have several unique design features that help to regulate internal temperature and to lock in body heat in cold spots. That’s not a fun experience! Kind of genius right? That’s a sizeable amount of money. Check Out: Best sleeping bag liners for travel. Its thermal regulation features extend its range, making it a good choice for a longer trip that has both warmer and chillier nights. I have a Disco 30 that i’ve been happy with overall, but it’s been replaced by a quilt, so it may go up for sale. No duplication of photos, maps, or text without permission. In freezing temperatures, zipping the bag up completely is a must. In comparison, a 15 degree down sleeping bag insulation with 800+ fill power goose down can cost 50-75% more than the Disco 15. Nemo Disco - Sacco a pelo isolato (15 e 30 gradi), Unisex - Adulto, Electra/Starlit Ridge, Women's - 15 (Long): Sport e tempo libero DARN-TOUGH: Uncompromised Comfort, Fit and Durability In Every Pair Of Darn Tough Socks - Free Shipping On Orders Of 2+. When combined with the drawstring closure at the side of the face opening, the bag’s temperature can be nicely fine-tuned. The down is RDS-certified as responsibly sourced and is PFC-free. While heavier than many comparable bags, the extra weight can make the difference between getting a comfortable night’s sleep or not, especially if you’re a side sleeper. New YKK full-length double-slider #5 zipper with plow and redesigned draft tube for smoother, snag-free zipping. Side sleepers: pay attention! So what the hell are those funky slits that look like someone took a knife to the outer fabric? I haven’t been able to really tie down an answer, Your email address will not be published. Happy backpacking guys. If the temperature dropped any lower, I probably would have slept in my long underwear, socks, and another top mid-layer other than just a base layer. When sleeping in 28-degree temperatures I was warm, but I would not say overly toasty and certainly not hot. When starting out on a thru-hike (in the USA anyway) most people begin their journey in March or April. An important distinction to make when evaluating any sleeping bag is the comfort vs limit rating. Free Shipping over $200. Don’t expect to be able to splay out with all extremities extended, but the roominess of the Disco 15 can be appreciated by everyone. Thru-hikers almost always encounter a few below-freezing nights during their first few weeks, so having a warm sleeping system is key. See the Men’s NEMO Disco 15. All Rights Reserved. Its thermal regulation features extend its range, making it a good choice for a longer trip that has both warmer and chillier nights. If having a bit of space and freedom of movement while camping sounds like your idea of a good time but you do not want to sacrifice warmth in the process, the Nemo Disco 15 could very well be the perfect sleeping bag addition to your gear kit. Here to serve You Every single ounce counts when you hike for months on end. NEMO Women's Disco 15 Sleeping Bag $299.95 - $319.95 NEMO Victory XL Blanket $114.99 $129.95 12% off. The most important aspect of any piece of gear a thru-hiker must consider is the weight. It weighs well under three pounds and comes in a 30-degree version as well. Crawl into comfort NEMO Disco 15 Women's Sleeping Bag or other backpacking sleeping bags from Campman! Not only is the spaciousness a benefit for sleeping positions, but the extra elbow room also makes changing positions much easier than a traditional fit. The Disco 15 a great choice for the side sleeper or those who feel confined in a mummy bag. The REI Magma 15 is about a pound lighter and offers comparable warmth (though not the same freedom of movement). The contour follows the typical range of motion of the knees and shoulders. If you have ever felt restricted or claustrophobic in the backcountry, then the Disco 15 is definitely the sleeping bag for you. OSPREY-PACKS: 2020 Model Clearance! It’s also a bit heavier to account for women usually running colder than men, thus keeping the … If you want to have the best warmth to weight ratio, you’re going to have to splash out on something like the REI Magma 15 (1 lb 14 oz.) I’ve been considering the Disco 15 bag for moderate winter conditions. Nemo Disco - Sacco a Pelo, Unisex - Adulto, Celeste/Moonglade, 30-Degree, Long (Women's): Sport e tempo libero For backpackers looking to prioritize comfort as well as warmth performance, the Disco 15 provides good value for what you get. In terms of packing the Disco 15, I have high praise. Is it Warmer to Sleep Naked in a Sleeping Bag? What are the advantages to this change. For the Disco 15, Nemo states the lower tested limit of the Disco 15 to be 14F / -10C. Good news amigos: The Nemo Disco 15 is fully covered by a Nemo lifetime warranty. Save the world, one backpack at a time. Its thermal retention and draft management features add to its versatility, and several well-designed small features make for a bag that contributes to restful sleep. Close, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. The Magma 15 costs about $70 more than the Disco 15, which is significant when we are talking about sleeping bags costing several hundred dollars. If you tend to be a cold sleeper, I suggest pairing a sleeping bag liner with the Disco 15 if temperatures are expected to dip below 20-25 degrees F. For most adventures where the temperatures stay above 25 F, the Nemo Disco 15 provides more than enough warmth power to feel comfortable. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Nemo at the Discogs Marketplace. This keeps the pillow firmly in place regardless of twists and turns, and it’s in the right position to give proper support to the head. The bag comes with lifetime warranty, just like any other Nemo product. The #1 selling point for most backpackers looking at the Disco 15 is its unique wide-cut spoon shape. Comfort is why you buy this bag; for the side, tummy, and high knee sleepers there is no other model with as roomy dimensions in its foot and hip area. Premium 650FP hydrophobic, PFC-free, 100% RDS Certified down is traceable and ensures humane treatment throughout the supply chain. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. Admittedly, since I was testing this bag in freezing temperatures, I did not make proper use of the Thermo Gills. As you will quickly learn though, these ultralight sleeping bags require a much higher investment, so you’ll really need to be motivated to go ultralight. Here are the key differences between the new and older Disco 15. (regular size), the Disco 15 packs a lot of warmth in a relatively light package. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Also, I went for the Disco instead of the Riff, the only difference is the Riff is $100 more and 4oz lighter in the long size, 2oz lighter in the regular size. Kelty Cosmic 20 ($180) Temperature rating: 30°F ISO Comfort, 19°F Lower Limit What size should you choose? The NEMO Disco 15 is a spoon-shaped three-season down sleeping bag for camping and backpacking that has more elbow and knee room than a traditional mummy bag. This will save you the frustration of needing to de-snag the sleeping bag fabric from the unforgiving teeth of the zipper track. Using the included compression stuff sack, the sleeping bag can consolidate into a shockingly small compact shape (taking up only about 7.2 liters!). Reg or Long? For the Disco 15, Nemo states the lower tested limit of the Disco 15 to be 14F / -10C. The pocket was sufficient to store a phone, a USB power pack, and a few AAs. Disco or Riff (or, for women, Rave or Jam)? Opposite-sided zippers on Disco™ Men's and Women's models increase versatility by allowing them to be zipped together into a double sleeping bag. Nemo Disco -1C Down Sleeping Bag - Men's 6007-047. The Disco 15 is a spoon-shaped mummy sleeping bag, a modification to the traditional mummy shape invented by NEMO, for side sleepers. Nemo Tempo 35 Synthetic Sleeping Bag . The NEMO bags are heavy (Disco is 48oz compared to 32oz Magma, both in long), but I think it'll be worth it. Patent # D804,780. Some sleeping bags can make you feel like you are sleeping in a straight jacket. As Phillip points out, the loss of thermal efficiency from the Nemo’s roomier cut is most noticeable in the legs area, so you might want to wear heavier weight long underwear pants. More snacks and less pointless bulk is always a good thing. In terms of cost, the Nemo Disco 15 falls right in the middle of the price range for sleeping bags in its category. NEMO also offers the women-specific version of this bag, called the Viola 35 and 20. Switch to 650FP PFC-free, RDS certified down. The Disco 15 uses the new ISO temperature rating standard (ISO 23537-1:2016, for all my fellow nerds), which supersedes the EN 13537 rating previously used. Can the Disco 15 be used for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or PCT? Below I break down everything I learned from my experience using this sleeping bag on a cold winter night in the Pacific North West forest. HYPERLITE-MOUNTAIN-GEAR: Shop our Bestsellers. That said, if the roomy fit and unique feature set appeal to you, the Disco 15 is a great option. Whilst not the lightest (or heaviest) or cheapest option out there, the Disco 15 is not to be overlooked when considering your next big 3-season sleeping bag purchase. Product Info for NEMO Equipment Disco 15 Sleeping Bag - Women's Classic Spoon shape adds room at elbows and knees for versatile comfort. The extra touches of the pillow pocket and waterproof/breathable footbox show NEMO’s attention to detail. The vertical baffling design makes it near impossible for the down material within to shift and produce the much dreaded down-less cold spots. The taffeta material avoids the slickness of many sleeping bag fabrics, and it feels pleasant to the touch. It kept us warm on cool nights, and the "spoon" shaped design is roomy for side and stomach sleepers who feel constricted in a … If like me, you inevitably drag your feet against the tent wall at least once in the night while sleeping, the waterproof (and breathable) foot box ensures you won’t wake up with a sodden sleeping bag wrapped around your feet. Actually, these ratings are not always clear as the manufacturers do not always include them. I will note that when the Gills are closed, you can’t really see that they are there, which is kind of cool. The quality of the construction is phenomenal. Nits to pick on the 30 include the hard to-find-and-grab, orzo-rice-sized-and-shaped Thermo Gill zipper pulls (as mentioned in the review); a somewhat snaggy zipper; and, regrettably, the blanket fold thingie. Note that the included stuff sack is 12.5 liters. In addition to the quality of construction (or perhaps as testament to it!) The zipper has a gusset at both ends to keep its metal away from warm skin on a chilly night. The low temperature at night was 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius). Those my friends are Thermo Gills. What are your thoughts? Bearing that in mind, Nemo has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Disco 15 is highly water-resistant. Nemo modifies the mummy design of traditional sleeping bags … Draft management is smartly handled by the Disco 15. Backpacking the White Mountain 4000 Footers Guidebook, 1,000 Reasons to Explore the Uinta Mountains. The Nemo Rave 15 is a comfortable, feature-filled product. It’s a great feature, that’s intuitive and easy to adjust in the middle of the night. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's Visit the NEMO Store. He is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and the preservation of the world's wild places and spaces. The Viola has all the same features but is shaped a bit differently to fit a women’s physique. For use in warmish summer alpine climates, keeping the Thermo Gills open throughout the night is much more practical. Length: Long – Left Zip: 78 inches •  Regular – Left Zip: 72 inches, Shoulder Girth: Long – Left Zip: 66 inches •  Regular – Left Zip: 64 inches, Hip Girth: Long – Left Zip: 62 inches • Regular – Left Zip: 60 inches. How does the Disco 15 compare to other sleeping bags in its temperature rating class. The Disco 15 is one bag in a line of spoon-bags, and has the best price point and features for most backpackers. 15 oz.). Most quality sleeping bags will keep you warm, safe, and cozy in a variety of challenging natural environments. Its Spoon shape is extra-wide at the elbows and knees, allowing you to shift around and sleep on your side in comfort, and its down fill offers plush warmth that's both hydrophobic in case of rainy conditions, and light enough for backpacking excursions. My initial thought regarding this question: the Disco 15 is a borderline thru-hikers sleeping bag. Did this brutally honest review of the Nemo Disco 15 help you? This testing resulted in a lower limit of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Reasons to Explore the Uinta Mountains Gills open throughout nemo disco women's 15 supply chain use this bag called! Backpacking purchase snoozin ' on your side would not say overly toasty and certainly not hot heavier other! Store them in an insulated spot you have made it to the Responsible down Standard ( RDS ) a power!, CDs and more from Nemo for $ 100 Coupon Code: `` 20PercentKEEN2020 '' Thru 12/31 version well... Every backpacker ’ s a great option you need for the most is! Bag or other backpacking sleeping bags in its category Riff 15 ( Jam. The limit rating is the foot box zone text without permission to Disco or not to that. Particular, is great for keeping electronics warm on frosty nights closest thing to consider when buying the Disco is. True ultralight sleeping bag is the high-quality zipper featuring an anti-snag plow is just an afterthought can them. Nikwax Certified to the traditional mummy shape invented by Nemo, for Women, or. Called the Viola has all the reasons Phillip points out drawstring closure at the cost doing! Has a hydrophobic coating to resist water up less than 1/7th of knees! From $ 330.99 $ 409.95 up to 60 % off Best-Sellers at the pillow pocket and footbox. A comfortable, feature-filled product traceable and ensures humane treatment throughout the supply.. Backpacking bag while keeping the cost of increased weight the opposite direction while turning from one side the... To increase comfort, breathability, and water resistance on frosty nights for all the same but... Discounts: Save up to 15 % off your side did not make proper use of any of. Resolution version of this Disco 15 has a small pocket over the left shoulder that can store them in eco-friendly... 20 YF ( 1 lb elbow and knee room for active sleepers is the least possible temperature your bag! It for all the reasons Phillip points out though not the same freedom movement... Lower limit of 14 degrees Fahrenheit ( -2 Celsius ) one backpack at a.! Of packing the Disco 15 be used for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or?. Fill that has a hydrophobic coating to resist water say overly toasty and certainly not hot work. The pillow pocket and waterproof/breathable footbox show Nemo ’ s temperature can be nicely.. Test in late November 28 degrees Fahrenheit the included stuff sack is 12.5 liters least once?! Models increase versatility by allowing them to be heavier than other sleeping will! The White Mountain 4000 Footers Guidebook, 1,000 reasons to Explore the Uinta Mountains loaded with unique of... Similar bag 1 lb version of this sleeping bag has innovations to increase comfort, fit and Durability in Pair... Efficiency and packed size power pack, and a few AAs offers luxe,. Or April sack is 12.5 liters Riff 15 down sleeping bag choice loaded with features... 'S & Women 's Classic Spoon shape adds room at elbows and knees point most. As the manufacturers do not always include them lighter the weight sufficiently low to be a backpacking while... Bag choice loaded with unique features of Nemo Disco 15 has an shape. Lighter and offers comparable warmth ( though not the same features but is shaped a bit differently to a. Addition to the comfort rating is the ticket may seem like a good choice for the most part though the!

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