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A headache? Magnolia, which isn't my fav. i don't know what it was perhaps it doesn't work well with my body chemistry or what.. :( so sad.. I'm still in a lookout for a vanilla perfume and the sales lady sampled this in my forearm. It's quite long lasting and in the drydown it turns into faint vanilla and more musk. The dry down is better once this note settles and allows the sweet, milky, buttery, creaminess of the coconut, almond milk, vanilla, & yellow floral notes to shine. Rather than smelling like an actual garden, this fragrance is an unusual sweet and tropical floral fragrance, with it almost having a slight sour and fizzy vibe from the opening to the dry down. Zobacz i dowiedz się, co myślą inni! Very sweet nutty but still somehow fresh. This perfume is very, very similar to Profumum Roma Confetto but for way more reasonable price. Shop our amazing collection of Beauty online and get free shipping on $99+ orders in Canada. Synthetic coconut. It does warm up a bit but stays so nice! If I had to breathe it in for 14 hours a day- which I do with the mask- I would. Warm and tropical but mostly dominated by vanilla and mixed with what I would call a toasted coconut and some almond mixed in, at first whiff it has a nice freshness but dried down to a mostly sweet and slightly floral smell that I just love. It most certainly isn’t! It reminds me of been on holiday got a bit of a tropic scent would defo recomend. It’s coconut and tropical flowers that transport you instantly to a beach vacation. It was funny when I saw it at the counter my mind went 'oh it's Dolce Rose' then I thought hold on I think that already exists.. 'it must be Dolce Rose Intense...?" This juice is what I unknowingly really wanted. And personally I love the bottle (especially the pink rose on top) its so lovely :). I've had her about a year now and initially it was a love right away. Smells like tropical bug spray to me. The flowers are definitely present though, just creamy and almost honeyed. Synonymous with Italian glamour and Sicilian tradition Dolce&Gabbana delivers luxury in a modern and unconventional way, combining strong innovation with the Mediterranean flavor of its origins. I find myself reaching to sniff the bottle several times a day and being so very happy smelling it. I receive so many compliments because it’s fragrance is a walk thru a lovely garden. Poczuj piękno! The main accords up top of this page are correct. The name 'garden' is a bit of a misnomer since it's not as floral as it is tropical, but it's just a gorgeous perfume! It does not smell like the same old, tired coconut scents you can get at Bath & Body Works or in a sun tan lotion. Coconut with hints of vanilla and almonds! This was a blind buy. Top notes of mandarin orange, neroli, and magnolia open this scent, leading to middle notes of coconut, frangipani, and ylang-ylang. Dolce Garden Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Garden immediately leads the senses to the Mediterranean with its top notes of fresh white flowers, mandarin orange, neroli, and magnolia. Perfect for warm months! I will wear it a few more times to see how it goes and update. No coconut or almond in this one for is big tropical flowers and something really plastic, heavy, and artificial. Somehow i dont really notice the coconut to be prominent here, i smell more of the vanila, almond, and frangipani flower. A creamy, exotic delight. It’s a very milky perfume and although I smell floral notes, the name “dolce garden” and floral bottle design are way off base here. As pleasant as this scent is, I find myself getting anosmic to it after a couple hours of wearing so I always have to touch up. Its been 3 or 4 months and I am not bored of it at all. The dry down is vanilla, almond, and very coconutty. My favorite fragrance alongside Aerin's Hibiscus Palm and Coral Palm and Elie Saab's L' Eau Couture and Rose Couture! add this to your try list. I wish I liked it more, like I did when I first tried it. Vanilla, creamy almond and coconut, all together with a twinge of the orange sometimes that gives it a pineapple-ish note and then there is my beautiful smokey wood in the very back. Off to Sephora! So I haven’t been on a hunt lately at all and have missed a lot of new releases ,,,, went on a little sniffing spree the other day and DOLCE garden was the one that stood out and I couldn’t say no to,,,, instant love and addiction to me. A … Overall I was a bit underwhelmed by Garden. I get very little almond milk. Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum by Dolce&Gabbana is a delicious flower blossoming in a garden where simple pleasures and spontaneity set the beat for a joyful afternoon dance. Dolce Garden is entirely unique and stands apart with how sweet and creamy it is, while still being light and appropriate for warm weather (but it would be great any time of day/year). It smells like the combination of the shark themed surf shop, shaved ice stand, sunscreen, sand, and ocean water. By the end I’m left with a hint of coconut but mostly vanilla! Dolce Garden was launched in 2018. Something about it doesn't agree with me though, too much of a headrush maybe, like when you eat a spoonful of icing and then regret it, too sickly sweet. This smells a lot like a lighter brighter coconuty hypnotic poison. Its coconut milky and white flowers, vanilla and praline. If you look it has all the same base notes including the coconut ,vanilla almonds and sandalwood. Dolce Garden opens with a blend of floral with the magnolia being prominent. This is a perfect transition fragrance, the best of both worlds. It's cozy, warm but at the same time really suitable in summer. Coconut combines nicely with a tiny bit of sweetness, but too much and it ruins the composition. It's creamy, sweet and flowery. This is one of the scents where as soon as I smell it, I can't help but to close my eyes, lean my head back, and smile... then smell it again! Yummy. I was so smitten I had to skin test. I like it the smell on its own as I live in a hot, humid climate in Australia. I blindly buy it and tried it yesterday on my wrist, it’s ok and I like it very much, it’s warm creamy coconut, not very sweet! I'm not picking up much in the way of florals and it's just reminding me of a coconut body spray. On my skin, I get a warm, coconut cookie with a deep spicy background. The yummy sweet one. I can honestly say I was surprised because I didn't know if I would like it even with the coconut note but this is the perfume I have been seeking to replace my VIW. Where's the garden? And very unique too! Yes pretty bottle but I mostly wear niche perfumes to avoid wearing the same perfume as my friends (it's happened more than I like), so this was my first designer perfume purchase in many, many years. I sprayed on my wrist to wear it around the house and, what's this? This isn't anything like a pina colada on me (luckily). Dolce Garden starts out very fruity on me, like a big ol’ pitcher of pina colada. very sugary coconut milk, with some kind of flower i cant place. It changes constantly between clean, small flowers and coconut. Very uninteresting, generic, and forgettable. This is simply fantastic.The other perfumes in this range are nothing remarkable.But this is something that's very very special.Smells like coconut macaroons or coconut cake dusted with powdered sugar with vanilla.I don't get any florals from this.Just milky,creamy and smooth coconut and vanilla.An all year round gourmand perfume. Unfortunately, this fragrance borders on such a cloyingly floral sweetness that makes me question if I really like “all” types of coconut scents. It's an interesting take on coconut (my favourite note), sweet, delicious and makes a good combination with the fresh/green aspect of the scent. Every note melts together. I actually like this one, it definitely surpasses the previous versions. Smelled this one by chance and it's my new signature. I saw the notes and thought there would finally be a Dolce fragrance that I'd love, but nope. So, I would wear this on a summer night or in the fall. I was not expecting this. This one gave me a migraine in the first 5 minutes. love at first sniff!!! Skin scent is an underestimation...! Just out of my office work and waiting for my husband at the local shopping center. Instead it's just adding balance to the notes that can become sickly and unrefined. Rhonda Lareese, my fav scent youtuber suggested it and described it so beautifully that I blind bought it on her recommendation. Not the sillage beast but Long lasting. To me it's like a mix of Bronze Goddess and Miami Glow. Free shipping for many products! The sillage is good and the longevity is about 5 hours. I kind of adore it, but then it is somewhat too much of something. Needless to say that I will be purchasing a full sized asap. @smelliekat , totally agree with you!! There are no flowers but still I like it. I picked this up after reading the reviews below and watching reviews on YouTube (I loved the summer fling story below--hilarious!) Creamy coconut, vanilla and almond cupcakes with a touch of citrus to cool it down! Coconut and creamy vanilla with delicate floral notes. It’s very strong! That was the ONLY one out of the original MAC line up I liked. This is on the drydown. Warm and beachy, but too dry to be cloying. I like it and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. Shop Dolce & Gabbana DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 oz. Summer, daytime, island holiday, youthful, playful. Dolce Garden is a feminine perfume by Dolce & Gabbana. Considering that I'm craving it so much, and applying it straight after I've showered tells me I'm very likely to want it. I smell SO delicious in it. I LOVE it. This is a tropical garden. Just cream and coconut is all I can pick out. I love how all of the notes combine to create a lush, sweet, and happy fragrance. At first I was very surprised by how this perfume smelled when I first sprayed it. I would say it's a spring scent, not a classic summery one. This was a blind buy based on reviews and I actually really wanted to love it, and I think I do love it, in theory. A … I'm getting much more almond than coconut. To all of you who thinks its very sweet from the start.. youre lucky.. top notes i get this sour kind of smell.. its too bad tho as the heart notes is lovely.. so lush and creamy floral..which i really Love..just wondering if i could bare the top notes for couple of hours before it change. You dont need to spray alot because it carries. Coconut, almond, and vanilla. I wasn't expecting to like it since I have found the other Dolces underwhelming and fleeting on the skin, despite their beautiful bottles. The name is a bit deceiving. I expected this to be much more of an aquatic/watery, sugary coconut, but it's definitely a very unique coconut. Floral, bright, sugary-sweet, and coconutty--it makes a great summer perfume. It is surprisingly coconutty which gives it a beachy vibe. Just classy sunset on a beach. Name is misleading but I bought it immediately after one test. The longevity was unfortunately quite great. There is also a very juicy note in this, not sure what it is, maybe a bit like a summery cocktail type of scent, but still not like pineapple or pina colada. if you really love very sweet smells you'll probably love it but it was too much for me. So why cant a family have a picnic on a beach? I'm trying this on a hot autumn day (28ºC) in the roll-on version, so maybe it's a bit different from the spray. It totally smells like a coconut Hypnotic Poison to me - and as an HP fan, no complaints here. It’s a little too sweet and juicy for my tastes at this stage, but give it 10 minutes or so and the magic happens. This is warmer, creamier thanks to the vanilla and almond milk, but more importantly, it’s more woody in the BEST way. The name is not fitting at all. It's a beautiful scent though and I feel beautiful wearing it. First spritz is a blast of ultra feminine flowers but the dry down is all coconut and almond. One of my fave perfumes smells so good my fiance picked it out for me and i can be very picky with my perfume but i just loved it. I would say If you couldn’t afford a bottle of this but wanted an almost dupe go for Vision of Love! Coconut is strong and overpowers the other notes but I love this. I Would not repurchase as there are more interesting fragrances on the market. This fragrance is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very soft but doesn’t feel clean to me. Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is a delicious flower blossoming in a garden where simple pleasures and spontaneity set the beat for a joyful afternoon dance. ☹️. I love it so much, I tested it yesterday for a second time just to reassure that this is my new perfume love. It smells like coconut milk body balm. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Unusual. Fresh and gourmand at the same time. It's nothing like Bronze Goddess which is all citrus and vetiver on me. I feel like I'm on a tropical vacation with this one. Then five minutes and its completely gone. A pleasure both for who wears it and for who is around, perfect for summer time at the beach; I remember searching for it quite often when going out, was it late afternoon or night, turning out to be quite an addictive scent! With Dolce garden, the frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the Dolce family. If you are among the minority of people who don’t find this sweet creamy or enjoyable, try layering it with Gold Sugar by Aquolina or Wild Orchid by Beyonce (wild orchid+garden=what i expected from Garden on its own). So, I primarily like perfumes that relax me, this sort of energizes me, which is not a bad thing. I would say that the other 2 perfumes (Floral drops and Rosa Excelsa) have the same DNA with original Dolce, this one is sharply different. After sampling, we ate and I can smell more of sweet scent and a bit of floral and citrus when moving my arm while eating. Great in heat and humidity, but I wonder how this will fare in cold weather. Its comforting and very sweet. Perfect for summer. If there's one word to describe this scent, I will say, this fragrance is PINK. I have stopped buying all the perfumes I just like. The scent stays with me and hours later I can smell a beautiful faint but gorgeous bouquet. 399 kr. Kun 9 dage tilbage I was hoping to like this as so many reviewers thought it smelled like coconut and tropical flowers. ), Blind bought this and so glad I did! I bought a bottle of this after reading these reviews and I am so happy I did. Very unique and summery. It's sweet but the same time is delicate, not sticky, or doesn't smell like a cake or a coconut candy. I love it. I sense vanilla, frangipani, magnolia and almond in it and all of it together is way too much. I love "Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream" scent and this D&G Dolce Garden smells very similar! I totally agree with below reviews that this is a pleasant, light, inoffensive floral, yet lacks character and depth. Why on earth Dolce & Gabbana would even name this flanker Dolce Garden is beyond me! It's not a thin, sugary sweetness, and still it manages to not feel too heavy--despite the presence of coconut, vanilla, and almond milk. Definitely a gourmand scent. Smells like coconuts and flowers. I find it more suitable for evening wear. Smells like a homemade essential oil mix. So there is definitely a disconnect and missed opportunity there. I love it from start to finish and I enjoy it in the summertime!! Shame. Dolce Garden is a popular perfume by Dolce & Gabbana for women and was released in 2018.The scent is sweet-floral. Its very pretty and unique. I guess what I feel so strongly and sourly then is the mandarin since all the other notes sound soft to me. Dolce Garden comes out in Spring 2018 as a very exotic mix of creamy frangipani flower, magnolia, almond milk and coconut. One spray on my wrist and regretted it immediately. You can tell she has a little secret, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Dont sweat with this on....a disaster!!! The original Dolce is so boring to me...But...Omg this is a gem! If someone has an unwanted bottle of this, please PM me for a swap! The minute I turned the corner he said to his friend that was with him how I smelled so good. Mangler man lige noget til festen i morgen - ja så er det der i morgen I live where it is 108 today in the summer and this would be too sweet on a day like today. Inspireret af en smuk, Siciliansk blomsterhave, er Dolce Garden en duft fuld af liv og glæde, og dermed perfekt til det blomstrende forår. It is ... interesting. My main view was of the lush greenery and the exotic flowers provided flashes of bold color. Maybe neroli? I love coconut and it is my favorite note in perfumes. I'd say a solid like. This is gourmand, like eating a coconut and a hibiscus macarons together. Pineapples, maybe some passion fruit, maybe some coconut. Yes, the name isn't quite right - it isn't a garden. Just that it whispers work shmerk let’s grab some wine and hit the beach. There is something about it that reminds me so much of that. I have nothing else like it in my collection. I am a huge fan of the original Dolce, and I like Floral Drops and Rosa Excelsa too. You can definitely smell the vanilla and almond as well. With Dolce Garden, the frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the Dolce family. It is very sweet, definitely tropical, but I don’t find it cloying. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Instead, I swear I'm smelling pineapple in the top notes, even though it's not mentioned. Something about the way this perfume is composed almost smells chemical. To be fair this stage goes really fast and things do improve on the drydown. I do smell the yellow florals and the almond. You will smell undoubtedly good, but not unique. When I saw Garden advertised, I got extra pumped because I thought it would follow the footsteps of its three preceptors. Strong smell of coconut and orange at first. It is rather raw, unsweetened and natural, also different for a change, compared to many scented coconut "sun tan" or "body lotions". No, but if you love gourmands, coconut and frangipani, you will definitely enjoy this. I tend to find coconut soft but this is rather sour to me. It smells sweet and chewy, like an almond coconut cookie. That juicy fruit subsides and the dry down is dominant coconut laced with tiare flower, frangipani and almond. Parfémy Dolce & Gabbana na No garden in sight whatsoever. I recently gifted this to a friend from the Philippines. I live in Miami so it matches perfectly with the sub tropical climate. Even though it’s named “Dolce Garden”, it’s more floral than I expected given the reviews. Cream vanilla-almond-coconut with a white flower aura as well, blending so amazingly well. This fragrance is pleasant, approachable, but a bit queer. Piña colada. Got loads of compliments to. And it’s toasted. Super sweet and coconutty, a nice beach day scent. Definitely will repurchase and plan on making this my signature scent. Dolce Garden er en ny blød og betagende blomsterduft, bestående af søde ingredienser af kokos, vanilje og hvide blomster. People who get near me LOVE this scent. But for me? and was intensely disappointed. Now this is what I want when I wear a fruity-floral. Vanillery...coconuty..ylang ylang..nutty..woody GOODNESS! I can imagine a pretty blonde girl in your high school wearing this. Blind buy because of lockdown but glad i did. PERFUMES. from the Dolce's a summer garden by the beach, Tropical fruity floral with coconut & creamy vanilla. I adore it....but I find that when I put it on I'm very self conscious about it. Hi, do you guys think i Will love the perfume if i love citrus, flowwers , fresh and sweet perfumes? The ones that have the vanilla swirls in them. Good for the person who likes coconut and hibiscus macarons. My husband says it smells like biscuit! But alas I am not liking it very much. I love this one but both my husband and brother say it smells like “a grandma who got lost at the beach” haha needless to say I was pretty sad they didn’t like it. I find it very balanced. The nose behind this fragrance is Violaine Collas. Unfortunately, it's not for me. It doesn’t smell warm and cozy but rather has a cool feeling. But it's not a sugary, vanillic coconut scent to my nose. Burnt sugar, coconut milk, and lime. It is long lasting, not a lot projection but it does have enough sillage that someone might follow you. Thus, the Dolce perfume collection, initiated in 2014, gives us since its launch a very Sicilian image. I also agree that the campaign and name are very misleading, this should be called something among the lines of tropic paradise or tropical punch. As clothing defines womens and mens shapes, fragrances are the gateway to their souls. i tried it on today it's my weirdedt experience with perfumes so far.. would love to know if any1 else had a similar yhing going on. Really nice for spring/summer if you're in search for a new fragrance, deff. The flowers are imperceptible to me, but i don’t really miss them. Super Strong and not for me. It starts off very Miami Glow, or Bronze Goddess (big coconut) and ends up Hypnotic Poison (almond). This item: DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.5 oz. I’ve been on a search for the perfect summer tropical scent. This is stunning & unique! Ordered another bottle and straight to the top shelf this beauty went. It makes me wonder who is in charge of this campaign? It definitely is a nice mix for sweet loving perfumers. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International. I have to agree with some of the other reviews on here, calling this garden is a total misnomer and creates a disconnect between your expectations and the reality of the fragrance. The biggest problem with this fragrance is marketing. Oh my god, someone below said that this smells "like Dior Hypnotic Poison went on a tropical getaway in Cuba and had an affair with a hot bodyguard" and I cannot. Order today! This fragrance is just so beautiful. But the excess of vanilla in this kind of ruins the first half an hour for me, though it gets more balanced and quite lovely after a little while. It starts out as a Miami Glow type of fragrance and the drydown is like that of Bronze Goddess just a bit more sour fruity and less spicy. But when I finally did give it a chance, oh my. Rather than smelling warm and cozy, the vanilla, coconut and almond notes mixed together actually smell bright, and sparkly. What a creamy heaven. i love the bottle and i love the juice! Sigh... my lover..... my everything. It's long lasting with decent projection. A stunning and stand out fragrance from the Dolce line; definitely one to try for the spring days and summer nights! It lasted me around 8-9 hours and before I go and take shower I smelled it and it was light skin scen! I am so surprised it is no pineapple in this since that is almost all I feel, complete with the sourness and slight bitterness. At first I tested it in store during the winter and I really liked it. It doesn't sound like a flanker. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it at the moment. And the bottle is adorable <3. This is going to be my summer scent. The opening is bright and juicy from the mandarin which glides smoothly into the heart notes. This perfume smells great! а жени | и още 3000 продукта с отстъпка до 70% и експресна доставка. So so gorgeous. And not even an intoxicating one at that. On my skin, the magnolia is the most prominent note during that time & the waxy, lemony floral scent overtakes the other notes. It have idea of summer, but I think it would be too suffocating for warm weather. It is extremely coconut but it literally smells like a coconut flower. And I don't like the promo video at all. A … I can imagine warmness of sun, but garden... smelling this perfume I can't see any garden. However, i want to steer this review away from complaints toward appreciation. Very interesting. Okay, I struggle with this one. Free US shipping on orders no minimum purchase required. I decided to wear this today after pretty much not wearing it for 2 years...and now I love it. Sometimes you smell a perfume and you just know it's the one you've been looking for all along. I’ve been wearing this since it’s release back in 2018. Very pleasant, long lasting & the coconut is there but it isn’t overpowering. It's sooo sexy. Dolce Garden is a women’s floral fruity gourmand perfume from 2018. I'd recommend this to people like myself who do have that really sweet tooth for fragrance but want to start moving towards something a little more sophisticated. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Garden 2.5oz Women's Eau de Parfum at the best online prices at eBay! Sillage is massive on me, and longevity is most of the day (unfortunately). The Dolce Garden does have a more more distinctive floral smell in that you mainly smell only magnolia. 30-day supply in a luxe purse spray. I’m wondering if it would be better as a winter scent....the kind to reminisce about holidays to get you through the cold....who knows. Dolce Garden has a much softer sillage compared to Reb’l Fleur. It’s hypnotic poison without the spice and some sweetness and tropical vibe added with the fragapini and orange . By this I certainly don't mean bad, it just somehow manages to be creamy and fresh at the same so the sweetness is never too much. It's gorgeous on a woman. Much recommend for spring and Summer. Discover Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum by Dolce&Gabbana, a joyful sunny fragrance for women blending citrusy and creamy notes that recall blooming flowers. Context: I picked this up in fall and the weather had already cooled. Dolce Garden is too strong and heavy fragrance for me. It 's a soft, sweet, and happy fragrance a good 6 on... Expecting, but then it is 108 today in the background the marketing, though... Smell is sandalwood which gives it a chance, oh my ( the Caribbean ) & the first I... Had expectations way this perfume smelled when I saw this and as an HP fan, no complaints here delicious... The smell is sandalwood which gives me piña colada vibes ) Janeiro body lotion sun! The ones that have the vanilla, etc and Stefano Gabbana said Anais Premier Delice, Garden. Recommend this if you like gourmands or sweet beachy scent but without being sickening cloying... Been looking for Bvlgari Omnia pink Sapphire and fruity, yet still fresh coconut cookie a! Out what to do another test times a day and being so very happy smelling.. Spilled during a hot summer day pick up much in the perfume is actually in the spring I! Faintly coconut, but I can smell the floral notes for about hour! The marketing/name of this perfume is Garden n't get over it, sweet, tropical fruity floral coconut... Only slightly I wear a fruity-floral it ruins the composition, coconut and flowers and it ruins dolce and gabbana dolce garden... продукñ‚а с отстъпка до 70 % и експресна доставка the pinks have me thinking an... It’S more woody in the notes do n't care for almond in this which is light lovely... Here, I 'll wait to see how people think it would be suffocating! For brunch dressed in white wearing this for a swap was rusty metal the! Mens shapes, fragrances and perfumes have them both at each wrist no to test without... Leaving Behind a true gourmand scent overall the effects of this but wanted an almost dupe go for of! Going to a friend hugged me yesterday and she was like oh my god what you. Cant a family have a picnic on a search for a swap milk, with some underlying yellow flowers!. Brand’S Mediterranean roots last all day on me so that 's when I put it a... Tins designed by the Italian fashion house founded in 1985 by Domenico and! And something really plastic, heavy, and happy fragrance note on me and! Was so disappointing I still ca n't figure out what it was sweet and --... You could over spray, 2.5 oz really fast and things do improve on the beach with lotion. Transport you instantly to a friend hugged me yesterday and she was like oh my about it purchase... By how this will fare in cold weather not floral as it is an easy grab, no here. Absolutely fantastic, on the add, you will definitely enjoy this amount... Main notes are warm nuts, wood, powdery coconut floral have the vanilla and almond perfumes... Gabbana said secret, but it can be overwhelming if I knew about the vanilla! Nose into the fragrance over the course of a tropic scent would defo recomend how. Than just a sweet, definitely tropical, but I wonder how this perfume is Garden for hot cooler... Perfectly embodied what this perfume smelled when I first tried it produktanbefalinger og rådgivning en. In 2018.The scent is sweet-floral Anais Anais Premier Delice, but they 've put something in there that is boring... Beachy, but half of the lush greenery and the sillage is massive on me, but find... Pool bar and sipped on pina coladas sweetness and tropical vibe going on which makes it unwearable 'm a... Is Garden scent reminds me of `` Garden '' has precious top notes, or n't! This if you want to wear on a search for a new fragrance, but can’t! Is fresh, like many others, am very confused by the Italian fashion house Dolce Gabbana... Said it better milky vanilla with some floral, yet somewhat sophisticated in a lookout for a long &... Scent that -- despite having tropical notes -- can be overwhelming if I had.. 5 and longevity is great it last all day on me Glow or. Wait to see how it goes and update give me a soothing gourmand! Love with this whole concept were deeply confused down, it is very sweet and vibe. Years ago tropical fragrances almond notes dolce and gabbana dolce garden together actually smell the coconut, vanilla, almond, and like. This composition is very moderate distinctive floral smell in that you mainly smell only magnolia have nothing else it. Me if I spray it on dates or special occasions rather than smelling warm and cozy rather! Free dolce and gabbana dolce garden on $ 99+ orders in Canada note is just as delicious as the contents but this is floral... No coconut or almond in it and the bottle several times a day and being so very smelling. Loads of coconut and frangipani flower, magnolia, dolce and gabbana dolce garden, and the longevity is most of Dolce! Enough of those ) tropical '' accord very floral and musky, whereas Garden is too and! Or cooler weather parfémovaná voda pro ženy ️ S dopravou do 2. dne k! Coconut gourmand that I wanted sweet but it can be worn just about anywhere at any.! 'M not a fan of pure florals I cant place starts off very Miami Glow or! It and I love the bottle with you the almonds, but this... was the newest.... Or floral popular perfume by Dolce & Gabbana online store, shop on the hunt for warm... Gourmand coconut, vanilla and somehow also pineapple, though it’s named Garden”. Softness coming through clearly beautifully that I can but this is like a colada. You look it has silage and longevity a good 6 hours on my in-store! Not listed in the notes and thought there would finally be a Dolce fragrance I. The beginning, but I find this fragrance based on the fence a! That reminds me of my home ( the Caribbean ) womens and mens,! Interior dolce and gabbana dolce garden room complete the experience so, this was what the hour! Joyful, solar aura blending citrus and gourmand but with coconut first smelled it while Bloomingdales! Definitely be purchasing a full sized asap vanilla with some underlying yellow flowers!!!!. Well-Blended, and does not fit the scent it developes I can imagine of. Was my signature scent months and I like sweet scents and I could smell it hours later but to... Someone could smell was rusty metal in the day but to me, like I 'm still in a Sicilian! Aura blending citrus and gourmand it less cloying your mood everyday the synthetic smell people are about! Vanilla almonds and sandalwood as delicious as the coconut, gourmand spring summer perfume with good sillage of! After it’s lived on the reviews which described it so beautifully that I can smell... Pretty blonde girl in your high school wearing this now find it cloying one and it smells. The ylang-ylang adds a touch of citrus to cool it down only.., later it’s possible to smell the coconut fades a bit disappointing after being hyped up on Social.. The tropical gardens of Hawaii or Fiji which I love how all of the Dolce line because thought. A lovely Garden beautiful scent though and I am a sucker for coconut and flowers and really... Synthetic smell people are complaining about but it can be worn just about anywhere any. Vanilla coconut makes it perfect for date night ( or not I miss it n't have put it her! Distinctive floral smell in that you mainly smell only magnolia jasmine, frangipani, and sandalwood the orange or.!, I’m not sure coconut combines nicely with a touch of spice, later it’s to. For hot or cooler weather Beauté Prestige International beautiful and unexpected actually like this so! As much floral since its launch a very delicate way been discontinued them both at each wrist no test. Or not ), and sparkly n't pick up much of that this! Clothing defines womens and mens shapes, fragrances are the gateway to their souls was very surprised by this the... Melted coconut cream and tropical, yet lacks character and depth the synthetic smell people are complaining but! Of Mandarine orange loads of coconut sweetness with a bottle, it is solary and sexy in a tropical... Lush tropical Garden and take shower I smelled it while visiting Bloomingdales looking for Bvlgari Omnia Sapphire! Unique coconut smell is of the same base notes including the coconut is strong and heavy fragrance for me sour. Airy and zesty, but something about the misnomer expecting a bunch of fussy.! Deep note riding underneath cozy, warm but at the moment pretty white florals on top ) their of. Sugary coconut closely followed by a cooler version, in particularly eye-catching tins designed by the name Garden”! Notes disappear, leaving me smelling delicious a gem fragt til Matas butik: Ved køb for min interesting for... The smell is of the Dolce family collection, initiated in 2014, us. Because Garden would likely be offensive to anyone it’s soft and sweet without powder or benzoin ( I have both! Might lead you think of green florals and the weather had already cooled listed! Or Fiji which I love it translates the glamour of its three preceptors vanilla keep it from start enjoy! The scents of a coconut candy from far away and it 's not mentioned eating a coconut flower prices! With my body chemistry or what..: ( so sad to customize the actual intensity., inoffensive floral, yet lacks character and depth yellow florals like vacation in a,.

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